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Ward's 2015 CSA at MEDTRONIC!
for Medtronic employees only

    CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a system in which people invest in their local farm in return for a share of the produce during the growing season. This benefits both the farms and the consumers! Shareholders receive fresh, bountiful local produce and play an active role in supporting their community food system. Their investment provides pre-season income to the farms at a time when they must make great expenditures but do not yet have crops to sell.


Medtronic will again be partnering with Ward's Berry Farm in their own CSA, Medtronic Farmer's Choice Boxes - set boxes of seasonal fruits and vegetables for pre-ordering. Each week from mid June through late September farmer Jim Ward will select a variety of local produce (most of which is picked fresh right here at Ward's Berry Farm in Sharon, MA) to fill the boxes. The contents of the boxes vary from week to week as the season progresses, so not only do you get fresh produce, but you also gain a real feel for our local cycle of crops!


Each week during the season, an approximate list of the contents of that week's box will be posted on our website on the Medtronic Farmer's Choice Boxes order page. Actual contents may vary depending on quality and availability, but any substitutions will be with items as similar as possible, and of equal or greater value.


Questions? Please scroll down to read the information below, and check our our FAQ section, where you will find answers to most questions. For any further inquiries, please email us.


  • We offer two options for purchasing:
    One box per week from 6/12/15 - 10/9/15
    17 weeks (no box July 3)
    Ordering Deadline: May 1, 2015 extended to May 8

    Shares may be purchased before 3/2/15 for $375.



  • WEEK-BY-WEEK - $24/box
    This option is not a subscription; you may purchase any number of boxes any weeks you choose.

* We need a minimum of 20 Full Season Shares for the Farmers Market or the CSA program to run! So please, order as soon as possible and tell your friends!! *


  • Fridays, delivery after 10:00AM


    You may order and prepay on our order page.
    You may also pay by mail or by phone:
    First fill out a Full Season Share Application.
    If you are paying by check or money order, please enclose it with your application and mail it to:
    Ward's Berry Farm, 614 South Main St., Sharon, MA
    If you are paying by credit card over the phone, please email for instructions.

    Ordering deadline: May 1, 2015 extended to May 8


    You may order and prepay on our order page.
    Ordering deadline: 10 PM Wednesday for Friday's box.
    All cancellations must be made by the ordering deadline.


  • FAQ:
  • When does it start?
  • Our first box for 2015 will be Friday, June 12. The list of approximate contents will be posted on our order page and emailed to people on the email list.
  • Where do I pick up?
  • Your box will be delivered to your Medtronic work station.
  • Can someone else pick up my box for me?
  • Yes. You must email by Wednesday to arrange either farm pickup or delivery to another Medtronic employee.
  • Can I start with Week-By-Week, then change to a share?
  • No, Full Season Shares must be ordered before the season begins.
  • How do I pay?
  • All boxes are prepaid. You may order and pay (Paypal or credit card) for both Full Season Shares and Week-by-Week boxes online on our order page. Full Season Shares can also be purchased at the farm, by mail, or by credit card.
  • How much food is in each box? Will I be able to carry the box?
  • Our boxes are about 12" X 17" X 7", with hand-holes for easy carrying and a separate lid. The weight varies with the type of produce, but a box will usually weigh between 10 and 20 lbs.
  • Is all the produce from Ward's Berry Farm?
  • Initially, all produce will be from Ward's. Later in the season, we may add items from other Massachusetts farms, but at least 90% of the produce will always be from Ward's. You can see when our crops are in season on our Crop Calendar.
  • Is the produce organic?
  • No. Ward's crops are grown using IPM (integrated pest management) and judicious use of pesticides and fertilizers.
  • Can I get pro-rated for my vacation week, or weeks that I can't pick up?
  • No, but you are welcome to have someone else pick up for you. If your box will not be picked up, we'd appreciate an email letting us know.
  • Can I order a share for every other week?
  • We do not have a bi-weekly subscription, but you are welcome to order every other week (or whenever you please) using the WEEK-BY-WEEK option.
  • Do you have half shares?
  • No, all our boxes contain the same amount of produce.
  • Will my box contain the exact items listed in the email and on the website?
  • There are many factors (weather, pests, etc.) that can affect crops right up until the moment they are picked. So although our predictions are usually accurate, sometimes we must make substitutions. We always substitute with something as similar as possible, of equal or greater value.
  • Can you make substitutions for specific items? I have food allergies. There are some fruits and vegetables I never eat.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot make any substitutions for any reason.
  • Can I bring back the empty box for reuse?
  • Yes, please! We will reuse boxes while they are in good condition, then relegate them to dirtier farm chores.
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